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Moshiach in the Parsha

Exceedingly Humble

And the man Moshe was very humble, more than all the men upon the face of the earth (B’haaloscha 12:3).

Moshe assumed this humility when he compared himself to the souls of our generation, Ikvos de’Meshicha (the heels of Moshiach), which are of a very inferior level.

In comparison to Moshe’s grasp of G-dliness, our comprehension is considered nil, totally insignificant. However, Moshe saw the many obstacles and impediments, oppression and persecutions that the Jewish people would face regarding the performance of Torah and mitzvos.  He saw that despite all this, the generation immediately prior to Moshiach will perform Torah and mitzvos with self sacrifice, with strong trust in G-d and simple faith. This impressed Moshe greatly, and he was humbled by those people. 

In our present time, we are not experiencing persecution, G-d forbid, and we are living in prosperity and affluence.  This can sometimes be an even greater trial and test - will we remain loyal to G-d even when living in physical comfort? However, the fact that in the time of Ikvos de’Meshicha our Divine service is more difficult, proves that we were empowered and have the ability to overcome all obstacles, because G-d does not make unreasonable demands of His creations.  Because of our tenacity in fulfilling G-d's will even though our spiritual awareness is very limited, we will merit the immediate redemption.

Sefer HaMaamarim-Kuntreisim v. 1 p. 106 Sefer HaMaamarim-Meluket 1 p. 195  



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