41st Anniversary National Founders Dinner
Chabad House honors the Attorney General of the State of New Jersey, The Honorable Gurbir Grewal, and Mr. Ed Mosberg, Developer, partner with the Wilf
News & Events
NJ Officials, Israeli Consul, Holocaust Survivor & Chabad Rabbis Unite New Jersey Officials, Israeli Consul, Holocaust Survivor, and Chabad Rabbis Unite at Exhibition Honoring Righteous Gentiles
Menorah Workshop at Saker Shoprite On Sunday, December 22nd, Children enjoyed a fantastic Chanukah Workshop program at Saker Shoprite East Brunswick.
Chabad House Hosts Community Round Table with NJ Law Enforcement Leadership Chabad House at Rutgers, was the site chosen for a unique meeting that brought together many varied members and leaders of the Central New Jersey...
NJ Chabad Rabbis At Chanukah Party in Israel Embassy in Washington The Ambassador of Israel to the U.S., Ron Dermer hosted New Jersey Chabad Rabbis, Yosef Carlebach and Mendy Carlebach at the official Chanukah Party..
Weekly Torah Portion
Our Parsha - Vayishlach Text of Parshah (Hebrew with English translation) - Parshas Vayishlach.
Ya’akov in Esav’s Clothing The Torah portion of Vayishlach begins by relating that Yaakov sent angels to his brother Esav, informing him that he had “sojourned by Lavan and...
The Name of the Parsha - Vayishlach Vayishlach means, "he sent," which refers to the concept of shlichus, sending an emissary or representative. In the broader sense, we are all...
The Weekly Aliyot of the Parsha - Vayishlach A short summary of the Torah portion read in the Synagogue on Shabbat.
The Throw-Away Generation We live in a throw-away generation. Per capita, each person in the US produces 760 kilograms, or almost one ton of garbage per year...
Prayers Will the format of our prayers change in the time of Redemption?
In the Light of Rabbi Shimon The group of sages gathered around the bed of their mentor, listening avidly to the words of wisdom emitting from his lips. His final request of...
When the Child Becomes Bar Mitzva On the eve of 20 Elul 5760 (2000), the bar mitzva of Yosef Sorotzkin was celebrated. It was an especially moving occasion because Yosef, a sweet...
Your Chanukah Guide This Chanukah Guide is designed to provide the practical details as well as some insights into the "inner dimension" of Chanukah observance.
How to Celebrate Chanukah Menorah, Dreidel, Recipies and Customs
The History of Chanukah It was in the time of the Second Temple in Jerusalem, nearly twenty-two centuries ago, that the events took place which we commemorate each year at...

5:31 PM in New Brunswick, NJ
Shabbat Ends 6:30 PM
Friday, 28 Feb 2020

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