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Thursday, October 29, 2020 - 11 Cheshvan 5781
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Why Discuss Moshiach?


Is there any point to all this talk about Moshiach's coming? Whenever he comes, he will come!


Hoping and yearning for Moshiach, and studying and discussing this topic, in themselves hasten his coming.

Moshiach's coming is not just an exciting event that will one day come upon us. We play an active role in preparing the world and ourselves for Moshiach's arrival. Therefore, we cannot shelve all talk of Moshiach as something that will "happen whenever it happens," because that would deny us our role and responsibility to get ready for Moshiach.

Hoping and yearning for Moshiach, and studying and discussing this topic, in themselves hasten his coming. This is seen clearly in the verse, "G-d... will act for he who waits for Him." The Aramaic commentary Onkelos explains that this verse refers to "those who hope and wait for Your redemption."

When we discuss the topic of Moshiach and feel a genuine longing for his coming, we become more mindful of our actions and lead worthier lives, in the hope of hastening his arrival. Studying the topic of Moshiach also makes us more aware of what life will be like in the Messianic era, and allows us to begin living with the spirit of redemption.

Believing in and anticipating the coming of Moshiach are among the principles of faith. Each day in our prayers, we mention Moshiach's coming numerous times. For example, in the thrice-daily amida prayer we say the blessing "May our eyes behold your return to Zion..." or, "Speedily cause the scion of David your servant to flourish ...for we hope for your salvation every day."

When we consider the redemption to be imminent, we are not disturbed by the difficulties of exile. Our anticipation of Moshiach leads us to perfect our divine service and make ourselves worthy of actually greeting Moshiach, immediately.


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